Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes. Pause or cancel at any time in your profile

Are meals available for delivery?

Yes . Get your subscription, by the pound or custom meals delivered fresh twice per week .  Meals are delivered every Tuesday and Friday.  Never frozen.  Never shipped.  

Can I pick up my meals?

Yes.  Select from pick up locations and save on your order

How do I return the delivery cooler bag?

Just leave the bag at your door and we will pick it up when we deliver your fresh meals .  Or , if preferred, you can return it to any pick up location .

Am I able to track my macros for my meals?

Yes.  All macros for each meal are tracked in your individual profile. 

What diet do we recommend?

We don't recommend a specific diet.  We recognize that there are different nutrition concepts .  We strive to provide the best tasting meals while eliminating any "common denominator" negative impact ingredients or additives .  We use no industrial seed oils , ever.    All ingredients are gluten free.  No antibiotics or hormones.

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